Did President Trump secretly declare Martial Law on the City of Chicago

A viral video sparked a rumor that President Trump secretly declared Martial Law on Chicago

  • Brian Durkovic posted the video to his Facebook on Saturday

  • The video was shared over 15,000 times since it was uploaded

  • Durkovic claims the video was done as a social experiment

Who would ever think something from the Internet would cause confusion and panic? Totally unheard of, right?

On Saturday, Brian Durkovic posted a video to his personal Facebook that ended up being shared over 15,000 times. The video showed military vehicles being transported by train, which has gone viral many times over the years under the guise of a looming martial law.

The status with the video originally read, “National Guard moving through 47th and Knox around the Archer Heights/West Elsdon area at 4 A.M. Trump was NOT playing when he said he would send the feds to Chicago! Martial Law will be in full effect soon! Follow my instagram for updates @durkopic #trump #donaldtrump #chicago #potus #martiallaw #prayforchicago #chitown #chiraq #maga #makeamericagreatagain #makebriangreatagain”

The video came just days after President Donald Trump announced that he would send in the feds to help fight the violence in the Windy City. Last year was the most violent year that the city had faced since 1996, with 762 homicides.

What We Have To Send In

In an interview with ABC News last Wednesday night, he did not go into any further details about what he had planned for dealing with Chicago. When asked what he would send in, Trump responded, “what we have to send in.”

Without even knowing it, Trump set the dominos up for Durkovic to knock them down. The video turned out to be a social experiment that got way out of hand. Durkovic claimed in an edit to his original post that he wanted to see how many people would share it without any research.

I posted this video as a social experiment to see how many people would believe it to be true and share it with their friends. President Trump never mentioned anything related to martial law, he said he would “send the Feds”. Military vehicles are moved through the country by trains every day, but because of a few words added to a random video everyone thought this was real. No one bothered to watch the news, check for other videos or even google if it was true. That’s the problem with fake news. Do your research people.


On Sunday, Durkovic posted another status that read, “Yesterday I posted a video as a joke. 410k views later and I feel sorry for our country because 8,000 people shared that video and believed it to be true without doing any other research. I don’t know if we won or lost Anthony”


It is a lesson many have tried to stress over the years, do not believe everything you see on the Internet. The tools to do research are literally right in front of you, use them!




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