Troll Account Claims To Be Julie Sandmann And Blasts Racist Tweets

  • The account appears to have begun trolling Twitter users on Sunday 
  • By Sunday night the account was either deleted or removed from Twitter
  • Screenshots of two tweets show racist comments towards Native Americans

Following multiple viral videos of a confrontation of sorts between Native American elder Nathan Phillips and a group of students from Covington Catholic High School in Washington DC after the Indigenous Peoples Day March, social media users are now targeting Julie Sandmann, the mother of a child seen in the video.

A Twitter account with the handle @GauchoGuacamole began trolling people on Sunday. The name on the account was put as Julie Sandmann, mother of Nicholas Sandmann, before sending out at least two tweets insulting Native Americans and Phillips in specific. Even though the account was found to be a fake and deleted, screenshots and confusion still linger on social media.

After what I’ve been through in the past 36 hours, I only wish the pioneers had brought more blankets with smallpox. There, I said it. Crucify me.

This man [Phillips] has been proved a LIAR! “Never trust and Indian” maybe there’s a reason people say that have you ever thought of that?

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On top of portraying Sandmann as a racist, social media users have discovered she works at Fidelity bank and called for her to be fired for the fake tweets. Some Twitter users have been trying to clear up the confusion, although it may be too late. One Twitter user even posted an image of Sandmann to show she is not the woman pictured in the fake account.

Looked it up it was a fake account.This is the real Julie sandmann.

Twitter user @superlorna69 took things a bit further and found a Google cache of the account which was named “Soccer Dad” before taking Sandmann’s identity.

I checked “gauchoguacamole” and “gauchoguacamoIe” (the second one there has a capital I instead of lowercase L).
The former is still cached in google and it appears to be a troll who swapped out their old name “Soccer Dad” for “Julie Sandmann”.

This is not the first time social media users have targeted an innocent person over confusion and screenshots since Saturday. Michael Hodge — a fellow student at Covington Catholic High School — was initially named as the student in Phillips’ face.

A longer video began being shared on Sunday showing the students did not approach Phillips. Instead, Phillips marched to them believing the students were harassing a group of black men. In reality, those black men were part of the extremist Black Hebrew Israelites group and were harassing everyone in the area that day, including Native Americans. The full video can be seen below. Phillips enters the video at around the 112:00 mark.



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