Facebook LIVE Shows Volatile Scene After Toledo Police Kill Teenager

Viral Facebook LIVE videos show the aftermath following a fatal Toledo Police Shooting involving a teenage boy

  • Witnesses claim officer shot the boy in the back as he was running from officers

  • Maserati MikeGoldz Facebook LIVE videos have received hundreds of thousands of views

  • Toledo Police Department confirmed an officer-involved-shooting

A series of viral Facebook LIVE videos show the aftermath of what is said to be a fatal police shooting in Toledo, Ohio. A large crowd has already gathered in protest of the shooting.

Witnesses claim officers shot a teenager as he was running. The teen was allegedly shot in his back while running from officers. Those gathering in protest claim the victim to be 15 or 16-years-old.

They couldn’t catch him, so they shot him in the back.

Multiple Facebook LIVE videos on Maserati MikeGoldz’ Facebook account show angry residents gathering as police continued to try and maintain the crime scene. Just one of MikeGoldz’ stream managed to receive almost half a million views in under an hour.

MikeGoldz’ first live video had the caption “Police just shot a young boy in his back”. The video received over 30,000 views.

The caption for his second stream read, “Police just killed a lil boy for no reason”. That video received over 500,000 views.

During his last video, MikeGoldz stated his phone was dying but he would continue to go live as he could.

Toledo Police Department confirmed in a tweet that it was an officer-involved shooting. In the tweet, TPD suggested for residents to avoid the area of Lagrange and Hudson.

Alert: Officer-Involved Shooting in the North End. Scene is safe. No officers injured. Use alternate routes to avoid Lagrange and Hudson. More information to come. #toledopolice

At this time, there is little known about the shooting, or what prompted the officer[s] to open fire. With tension quickly growing between police and residents in the area, acts of civil disobedience are likely to escalate as night falls.



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