Tiffany Rose Milan Claims Black People Cannot Be Goth And Apparently Hates The LGBT Community

Another social media user has gone viral after spouting their racist beliefs on social media. Tiffany Rose Milan took to Facebook to explain why she believes black people cannot be Goth and social media users basically responded exactly how you would imagine.

In a lengthy post to her Facebook — which has since been deleted — Milan claims that black people are trying to take the Gothic style that was created by white people. Ironically enough, Milan claims being Goth takes sophistication but decided to use the less traditional spelling, “sephitistication.” Milan also claims being Goth takes money, “none of which a mainstream black person has.” All of this is just in the first two sentences of her lengthy post.

So because I don’t appreciate black people taking our Gothic style created by white people, I’m a bad guy? Dude being able to complete a goth look shows sephitistication and money none of which a mainstream black person has. Get mad at me….you all know it’s true!!! They do it to themselves!!! They treat our women horrible And then want to make 2019 about them taking our Gothic style? You’ve got your own styles that look unbelievably beautiful on you!!! Why do you have to be so narrow minded and uncreative to take one of ours? You don’t see white kids and white bitches walking around with corn rows in their fair anymore!!! Come on goth is based on pale skin and black clothes for contrast. It’s such bullshit you’d even try. And the only reason why you are getting anywhere with it, is because this society is so afraid to speak the fuck up and would rather support your dumasses.

I am stating my opinion. I have not used any racist language in this nor have I broke any laws. I utilize my right to speak without threats or discrimination only opinion. I’m not being hostile or terroristic.

Milan’s status went viral and for pretty obvious reasons brought negative attention. Social media users started finding other comments from Milan. In a post with pictures of a black man in Goth pictures, Milan writes “Gothic is supposed to be white.” The comment ends with “Quit taking our shit!!!”

Gothic is supposed to be white. It orginated in a Victorian era and was founded by the rich this looks horrible. Unfriend me IDGAF this is a style whites created!!! Quit taking our shit!!!

Social media users have been sharing screenshots and messages from Milan saying “fuck the lgbtq community” and threatening to kill someone. In one of the messages, Milan says, “The Ill stab your girlfriend multiple times in front of you and make you watch.” In another series of messages, Milan is seen writing, “And you have parents who are gay! No wonder you are. A family full of digusting faggots.”

I’ll kill you all

Strap you to a chair whilst I stab your fathers

Then chop your brothers head off and force feed you his body parts

Then I’ll stab your girlfriend multiple times in front of you and make you watch

And then I’ll kill you brutally

Because your kind disgust me

Fuck the lgbtq community and fuck you for laugh reacting st my post svoyt cyber bullying

You digust me lesbian

Literally a disgusting faggot

And you have parents who are gay! No wonder you are

A family full of disgusting faggots

Like many before her, Milan continued to doubledown on her viral posts. Milan made another post saying she did not “want ‘ghetto’ people making the Gothic community look bad.” She compares what is happening to her is equal to the treatment porn star August Ames did after refusing to have sex with a costar because they were homosexual. Ames later died from suicide following the social media-based attack. Later in the post, Milan goes on to claim the response from social media users is “terrism and a hate crime!!!”

So the newest thing is memes about me and my fiance and this isn’t being hateful towards a certain type of people? Saying we’re cousins? Saying we’re imbred? The Gothic community has outdone themselves. This is the same thing the LGBTQ community did to that porn star who wouldn’t fuck a gay!!! I don’t want “ghetto” people making the Gothic community look bad and this is what you do? You all are horrible people and I want nothing to do with you. I will NOT let my children be apart of your community and we won’t be either!!!! This is terrism and a hate crime!!! But it’s all because I’m racist right? Gtfoh you people deserve every bad thing that comes back at you for this. I couldn’t possiblt lay my head down and peacefully sleep saying half the shit you do. Grow up!!!! I legit got out of the juggalos for the same shit people did to someone else!!!! Fuck you!!!! There spread that !!!! Share that!!!!GROW THE FUCK UP AND LEARD TO BE SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHAT EVERYONE ELSE WAS TO YOU!!!! we made this community for people of respect and decantcy. I wasn’t decant I get that but making fun of me personally is a hate crime. Making fun of my friends is a hate crime. You act like the bullies you ran to us from. You truly make us all look bad!!!!

Milan was not done yet. Before her account was deleted, she posted a picture of a bunch of screenshots printed out of what appear to be negative messages and comments. In the caption, Milan claims she is getting ready to go see the sheriff to “hold everyone accountable.”

Since going viral, it appears either Milan deleted her account, or Facebook removed her account on Sunday. Regardless of her account being gone, social media users are sharing the different screenshots of Milan’s ridiculous rant.



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