Three arrested following NoDAPL demonstration at Vikings vs Bears game

Karl Mayo and Sen Holiday were arrested following a demonstration at the Vikings vs Bears game

  • The two repelled down from the rafters and revealed a giant banner that urged US Bank to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline

  • Mayo and Holiday were charged with trespass and burglary

  • A third woman was arrested at the scene for obstructing the legal process

There was an unexpected demonstration on New Year’s Day, as the Vikings played the Bears at US Bank Stadium. Those watching the game witnessed a huge banner with two people repelling from the rafters of the stadium.

The acrobatic duo was identified as Karl Mayo, 32, and Sen Holiday, 26. Holiday posted a short video to social media explaining that the two were standing in solidarity against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The US Bank is one of the 17 banks known to be invested in the Dakota Access project. The two decided they would send a loud and clear message to US Bank from their stadium.

Meanwhile, as Holiday and Mayo dangled from the rafters, the game went on as normal. Eight rows were cleared underneath the two for the crowd’s safety. It was not until after the game was over that the two were arrested.

As of now, Mayo and Holiday are charged with trespass and burglary. It is unclear at this point why the two have a burglary charge. Neither have been formally charged, but are expected to be on Tuesday according to KSFY.

A third woman was arrested as well. Carolyn Feldman was arrested for obstructing the legal process, which is a misdemeanor charge. Feldman is also expected to be formally charged on Tuesday along with Holiday and Mayo.



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