Did Thomas McCreary kill beloved ‘Pedals’ the Bear?

Those angry about the death of Pedals have been relentlessly attacking Thomas McCreary.

  • At this time it is not confirmed that Pedals has been killed, or who the hunter is responsible.

  • Due to injured and missing front paws, the bipedal bear preferred to walk on his hind legs, earning him the name Pedals.

  • Pedals became a viral sensation in 2014.

Just days ago it was announced that a hunter killed the beloved New Jersey bear known as ‘Pedals.’ Outrage has spread across the Web like wildfire, mainly focused towards one man, Thomas McCreary.

Internet Justice?

McCreary is accused of being responsible for killing Pedals. The Internet has begun its crusade for justice by releasing McCreary’s wife’s name, phone numbers, and address. Even McCreary’s business, Murphy’s Shamrock Inn, is feeling the people’s anger through an endless amount of negative reviews on both social media, and Yelp.

However, at this time there is nothing to guarantee that Pedals is dead, or that McCreary is the one responsible. This is what we know up to this point.

McCreary showed a bizarre obsession with Pedals for years on social media. An obsession that also seems to resemble trolling fans of Pedals. Screenshots show that McCreary had made threats online about Pedals in the past, but there has been nothing to prove his role in the possible death of America’s favorite bear.

Cecil’s Pride News displayed a screenshot that showed a mock page made did-thomas-mccreary-kill-beloved-pedals-the-bear-6against Pedals the bear from August. On August 24, 2016, McCreary posted to the page, “Hey pedals… where will you be the week of 10/10? I have something for you…”

The next day, the Pedals the bear page posted, “10/10/2016 is the execution date for PEDALS.”

The Daily Mail reported Pedals was killed by a hunter named John.

While the posts may be concerning, it is not any way of validating McCreary’s role in the death of Pedals. The Daily Mail claims that Pedals was shot by a hunter that goes by the name of ‘John.’

It is also believed that John is the one who set up the Pedals Facebook page that was created to taunt fans of Pedals. Many believe McCreary and John are the same people, but again, there is no verification of this.

A Facebook page called Pedals The Bear Killer Exposed made one post with five pictures. The pictures are screenshots of a conversation with a Darren Lee.






In the conversation with Lee, he claims he and his friends are responsible for killing Pedals, and McCreary is just catching the blame. In the conversation, Lee even states that people are putting McCreary’s private information online. When asked if Lee was going to come forward, he responded, “I can’t have that kind of shit going on in my life.”

Pedals may not be dead.

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has released a statement following the backlash from the death of Pedals. In the statement, the NJDFW claims that they cannot be positive it was Pedals that was killed. Pedals was never tagged, nor did he have DNA taken at any point, meaning that confirming his death is close to impossible.

The statement went on to say that there have been multiple bears turned into weigh stations with injured, and missing limbs.

Pedals found himself an Internet star in 2014 when a video of the bipedal bear in Oak Ridge, New Jersey went viral. Pedals had one injured front paw and was missing his other front paw, making it hard for him to walk on all four legs comfortably. Instead, Pedals was spotted multiple times walking on his hind legs.



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