Video Claims To Show Teens Harassing A Veteran And Slapping His Sign During Kavanaugh Protests

  • A viral video claims to show an elderly veteran attacked by two teens during the Kavanaugh hearing
  • It is not confirmed if the man in the video is a veteran and neither teen has been identified
  • The video has received over 4 million views since it was uploaded

As America still feels the aftermath of a confrontation involving students from Covington Catholic High School, Native American elder Nathan Phillips, and the Hebrew Israelites, a new video has gone viral showing protesters slapping the sign of an elderly man during the Kavanaugh hearing last year.

On January 20, the Facebook page “Educating Liberals” shared a video showing two teens dancing around an elderly man holding two signs. A group can be heard chanting, “Hey hey! Ho ho! Kavanaugh has got to go!”

As a blonde hair girl jumps and dances in front of the older man, a male is seen dancing and chanting right behind him. The elderly man — which the page claims to be a veteran — calmly stands with signs in both hands held above his head. One of his signs reads, “She is a good liar,” while the other reads, “Arm teacher protect kids.”

The clip is only 24 seconds long. About 16 seconds into the video, the female is seen dancing in the elderly man’s face before jumping up and slapping one of his signs. The man manages to save his sign and immediately goes back to peacefully standing and holding the signs above his head.

Here’s an actual video of teens harassing a veteran. Guess the media missed this one at the Kavanaugh hearing. 🙄

The video has received over 4 million views since it was uploaded. Many in the comments are outraged and asking who the elderly man in the video is. There does not appear to be any information about anybody in the video at this time. The video has many asking why this incident did not receive the same attention as the Covington incident?

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There is no good answer to that question. It is likely that due to all the different videos coming out throughout the Kavanaugh hearing that the short clip simply fell through the cracks of social media, which does not excuse the girl’s behavior. Regardless of his opinion, the elderly man seen in the Kavanaugh protest video was peacefully standing and holding his signs.

Both the right and the left have their own unsavory characters representing them in the streets, despite either side never wanting to openly admit it. In 2018 the proverbial pissing match of who are the victims and who are the attackers reached a climax as the two sides clashed over a number of issues. One month into 2019, it appears the battle between the right and the left is only going to get worse.

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