Two teenagers arrested in West Virginia after after posting a picture of a hanging dog to “Jacob Ryan’s” Snapchat

Two teenagers have been arrested after posting a picture of a hanging dog on Snapchat

  • Jacob and Dalton Ryan are facing charges for hanging the dog

  • The picture was posted to Jacob Ryan’s Snapchat with the caption “Hanging with my dawg”

  • The teens are allegedly facing lenient punishment for the crime

Two teenagers in West Virginia have been arrested after they hung a dog and posted the picture to Snapchat. The story is raising anger around the country as the two teenagers will be allegedly receiving just a slap on the wrist for the heinous crime.

Jacob and Dalton Ryan posted a picture to Jacob’s Snapchat of the dog hanging with a caption that read, “Hanging with my dawg.” The picture quickly went viral, and the Internet demanded justice.

The two teenagers were arrested, but as a shock to everyone, the two may be facing lenient punishments. According to Trooper Sergeant Fox, the teens claimed that “it was a stray dog who was sickly, and they believed it was going to die.”

A source close to the incident claims that the dog allegedly belonged to the grandmother, who asked the boys to take the dog out to a field and shoot it due to illness. Allegedly this is playing a part in the decision to give the teens a more lenient punishment. TDH has not verified these claims at this time.

A Petition For Justice

There is now a petition demanding that Jacob, and Dalton receive a harsh punishment for their crime. The fact that the boys would post such a disturbing action on social media with a caption that is clearly mocking the situation goes to show how twisted this action truly was.

The petition is directed towards Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Gabehart, and reads as follows.

Dear Mr. Gabehart,

A couple of juveniles admitted to police that they hanged and killed a stray dog. Police say the juveniles thought that the dog was sickly and they believed it was going to die, but that should be no excuse for their gruesome crime. Additionally, the two posted photos of the horrific scene on social media, as if they were proud of what they’d done.

If authorities allow these juveniles to get away with a gruesome act of animal cruelty, there’s a high possibility that these people will continue to kill innocent creatures. That is why we’re calling on you to ensure that the suspects are harshly punished so that no more innocent animals are killed.

If you would like to sign the petition that is demanding justice for this dog who remains nameless, you can do so by clicking here!



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