Large Group Of Tax Bill Protesters Arrested At The Nation’s Capitol

Up to 100 people were arrested while protesting the new tax bill at the Nation’s Capitol in Washington DC

  • Ford Fischer from News2Share did a livestream of the 3 hour long demonstration on Tuesday

  • Protesters chanted “Kill the bill” as they walked through the Capitol hallways

  • 36 protesters were arrested in November after storming the Senate Budget Committee hearing on the GOP tax bill

For roughly three hours, protesters opposing the GOP’s tax bill stormed inside the Nation’s Capitol chanting “Kill the bill” as they marched through the hallways.

The protesters broke into groups, stopping in what appeared to be pre-determined spots. Small groups broke off from the larger group and sat in the hallways until Capitol Police arrested them. This routine happened multiple times throughout the day.


Ford Fischer streamed the entire demonstration to the News2Share Facebook page. Fischer told The Daily Haze 100 protesters were arrested, and he had filmed at least 60 of those arrests. The full video can be watched below.

Linda Sarsour

TDH reached out to DC Capitol Police to get an exact number of arrested and charges, but nobody was available to answer our call at the time of this article. Fischer was unsure of the exact charge but assumed the arrests to be for unlawful demonstration since it is illegal to protest inside the Capitol.

It is worth noting that activists are usually given a deal wherein they admit guilt which voids the right to appeal/sue. They get to pay a tiny fine and are let out that day.

Kill The Bill

On Tuesday afternoon, Ramon Mej√≠a posted an image of Linda Sarsour being arrested at the Capitol. The caption read, “Linda was just arrested protesting the tax bill on Capitol Hill. #KillTheBill #GOPTaxScam Image via Alejandro Alvarez.”

36 Arrested

Near the end of November, 36 protesters were arrested after storming the Senate Budget Committee hearing on the GOP tax bill. The majority of those arrested were charged with disrupting Congress. Two were arrested for resisting arrest.

Capitol Police later released the following the statement.

Officers on the scene arrested the demonstrators when they failed to cease and desist their unlawful demonstration activities in and around the Committee hearing room, resulting in the disruption of the hearing.

The Budget Committee called for a temporary recess due to the protester’s loud chants of “shame on you” and “don’t kill us, kill the bill.” The bill passed on a 12-11 party-line vote. It was reported President Trump pressured two key Republican holdouts to vote for the bill.



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