Tashica Dillon Reported For Child Abuse After Going Viral For Her Son Being Bullied

  • Dillon went viral for a post about her son being bullied after school
  • After Dillon’s post was shared over 30,000 times social media users discovered how Dillon treats her children
  • The Facebook page Where is baby Kate? asked their 35,000 followers to report Dillon to the police
  • Dillon was arrested for selling marijuana out of a liquor store in 2016

Editor’s note: It is not believed the story of Dillon’s son being bullied was made up. Concerned social media users are now worried that there may be some serious issues with the care Dillon is providing for her children.

Just a few hours ago, “Tasha Dontinboxme Dillon” went viral after posting two images of her son after he was allegedly beaten up by bullies after getting off his bus. Unfortunately for Dillon, the viral attention appears to have backfired after angry social media users are demanding her arrest due to neglectful behavior towards her other children on her Facebook.

A fan of the Where is baby Kate? Facebook page began going through Dillon’s profile, at which point they noticed video after video of a very young child riding in vehicles without a child seat, or even a seat belt. After initially supporting Dillon’s original post about her son being bullied, Where is baby Kate? made a second post asking their 35,000 followers to report her to the police.

Please report this-
Mom posts about her son being bullied but yet puts her own daughter at risk daily. This is unacceptable and will be reported! FYI there are multiple videos and pics at different times with no car seat in the comments, I counted 4 kids in this car who would have seriously been hurt if she got in a car accident.
Tashica Domaine Dillon is the mother
Police (318) 247-3771
Ruston Police Department

In the video posted by the page, a toddler is seen standing in the passenger seat of a vehicle while the vehicle is moving. It is assumed Dillon is both the driver and the person recording the video. The little girl is holding a wooden back scratcher and is hitting what appears to be the son from the previous viral bullying post as he ducks on the floorboard of the passenger seat; clearly, an incredibly irresponsible way for a mother to be driving with children.

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It did not stop there. In the comment section of that post, video after video and picture after picture show the young child regularly rides without a seat belt or child seat. In one video, the girl is seen in the backseat in just a diaper. Someone is feeding the child what appears to be cereal. The woman recording, assumed to be Dillon, is heard saying “fat ass” as a child from the seat behind the child attempts to get her to drink out of a straw.

Dillon in real life is 39-year old Tashica Domaine Dillon. According to KTBS, Grambling, Louisiana police arrested Dillon during a drug bust. Dillon was the manager of Super Discount Liquor 3 located at 979 RWE Jones, where it turns out she was also selling marijuana during her shift in 2016.

On February 18, 2016, LPSO Patrol and Grambling PD served a search warrant at the store. LPNET had three active warrants for Distribution of Schedule I controlled dangerous substance related to selling narcotics out of the business. Dillon was placed under arrest and a large amount of cash was found in her pocket. Dillon also led investigators to a safe which had marijuana and a large amount of cash. Dillon admitted she had put the marijuana in the safe.

Since being called out for her actions, Dillon has removed the viral post and set her account to private. At this point it is most likely only a matter of time before she deletes her account. It should be noted, despite Dillon’s issues, her son’s issues with bullies are still real. What makes the situation that much worse is now a glimpse of his home life and his life at school.



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