‘Tasha Dontinboxme Dillon’ Takes To Social Media After She Says Her Son Was Beat Up By Bullies After School

  • Dillon’s post was shared over 20,000 times
  • The post claimed her son was beat up after getting off the school bus
  • School bullying is a serious issue around the country

UPDATE: Dillon has deleted the original post and made her Facebook private after videos of her neglecting her other children were discovered on her Facebook. Dillon’s real name is Tashica Domaine Dillon. The Facebook page Where is baby Kate? has asked their 35,000 followers to report Dillon to the police. You can read the full update by clicking here.

A viral Facebook post is bringing attention to the ongoing issue of school bullying that is happening all around the country.

On Wednesday evening, ‘Tasha Dontinboxme Dillon’ uploaded to pictures to her Facebook of her son after school bullies had allegedly beat him up after he got off his bus.

Not happy at all these funky ass schools dont stop the bullying im gone take matters into my own hands and beat the snot out someones child 😡😡😡😡(it happened at home when he got off the bus)

The post triggered outrage from social media who have shared the two images of her beaten son over 20,000 times in roughly 4 hours. Unfortunately, Dillon’s problem is one that is all too common.

Parents in every state have problems with their children being bullied in school. On top of that, most parents quickly find that a lot of schools and school districts do very little to stop the bullying before it escalates. In a situation like Dillon’s the chances of the school doing anything are even less since the attack happened off of school property.

While some dismiss school bullying as “kids just being kids,” the reality is school bullying can have terrible consequences. In just the past few months The Daily Haze has reported on multiple children under the age of 13 — some as young as 9-years-old — who have committed suicide due to bullying occurring in school and when they got home.

In January, 13-year-old Aaron Fuller hung himself. His parents believe his suicide was directly related to bullying that was occurring at school and when he got home on social media. Aaron’s parents Steve Fuller and Tammi Fuller brought the bullying to the attention of Lake Local Schools administration and staff, but they said little to nothing was done to stop it.

In December, 9-year-old McKenzie Adams also hung herself after being bullied. McKenzie was attending U.S. Jones Elementary School approximately 15 miles away in Demopolis after transferring schools due to bullying. McKenzie’s loved ones say they brought up the bullying issue to
the State Board of Education, but once again, little to nothing happened.

In November, 9-year-old Madison “Maddie” Whittsett died from suicide. It was reported that some students would call Maddie “dumb” and “stupid” because of her ADHD. Maddie’s parents did not release the name of the school their daughter attended because they said the school did try and help the issue.

In August, 9-year-old Jamel Myles committed suicide after telling his mother then classmates he believed he was gay. His mother, Leia Pierce, said at first he was scared to tell her, but after Pierce said accepted the news, Jamal became excited to tell his friends. Four days after school started and Jamal told other students he was dead from suicide. Jamal was a student at
Joe Shoemaker School in Denver.



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