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Mandan couple dresses as DAPL water protectors for Halloween and immediately regret it

A couple in Mandan decided they were going to dress as water protectors for Halloween After posting the picture to Facebook it quickly went viral The couple’s phone number was released online as well The couple lives close to where heated protests have occurred against the Dakota Access What would Halloween be without a small group of ignorant people dressing ...

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Some guy had sex with a McChicken and almost broke Twitter!

McChicken hashtag becomes top trending on Twitter. The now infamous #McChicken hashtag has caused an avalanche of spinoff videos. McDonald’s has yet to make a comment about the trending hashtag. People innocently clicked on the hashtag thinking it was for a promotion. Yesterday Twitter users did not think much when they saw that #McChicken was a top hashtag trend. There ...

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A clown is reportedly trying to lure kids into the woods in South Carolina.

Residents of Fleetwood Manor Apartments received a letter warning them of a clown trying to lure children into the woods. Multiple children have claimed to see the clown. Greenville County law enforcement have been doing daily patrols of the area. In 2014 an outbreak of “evil clowns” occurred in Bakersfield, California. The outbreak of evil clowns quickly spread across the ...

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What are the Mutant Response Vehicles spotted in Florida?

Pictures went viral on Facebook showing two “Mutant Response Vehicles.” The vehicles were spotted in Longwood, Florida. The pictures of the vehicles lead to conspiracies all around the Web. The vehicles are said to be a part of Burning Man. Two viral pictures are freaking people out across the Web. The picture shows two “Mutant Response Vehicles” driving in Longwood, ...

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