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The Internet Cheers For Colleen Dagg After Video Of Beating Up A Racist Goes Viral

The Internet cheers for Colleen Dagg after a video went viral on social media showing her beating up a racist in a hotel lobby Before the video starts the woman in the video allegedly made a racial comment towards Haitians After Dagg voiced her disapproval the woman physically assaulted her The Internet has cheered for Dagg following the video’s viral ...

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Video From Feo Mas Shows Campbell Cop Holding Passengers At Gunpoint After Traffic Stop Over “Safety Concerns”

A viral video uploaded by Facebook user Feo Mas shows a Campbell officer hold a couple at gunpoint for nine-minutes during a simple traffic stop The stop was said to have occurred over “safety concerns” on July 26 in Hollister, California The unidentified officer holds his gun on the couple for the entire duration of the video Campbell Police Captain ...

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