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ICE Report Claims Cartels Adapt Daily Based On U.S. Border Patrol

A recent report from ICE claims cartels are able to adapt on a daily basis from intelligence they collect on border patrol A DEA from 2017 claims the majority of drugs that come through the border are concealed in vehicles Columbia’s drugs normally come by boat or plane to the northeastern areas of the country Cartels routinely pay off anybody ...

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Mayoral Candidate Kevin Saunders’ Racist Rant Against Black Comedian

Marina California mayoral candidate Kevin Saunders displayed racist behavior towards black comedian Ngaio Bealum On Tuesday Bealum posted a screenshot of a message from Saunders calling him a nigger and threatening him In 2016 Saunders wrote an anti-Semitic rant against a reporter from Monterey County Weekly In 2014 Saunders was banned from Starbucks stores worldwide for life Saunders has a history ...

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Harold Covington Founder Of Northwest Front Hate Group Dead At 64

News is slowly spreading that founder of the hate group Northwest Front Harold Covington was found dead in his apartment in Washington Covington wanted to create a country in the Pacific Northwest for the white race Northwest Front received national attention after Charleston shooter Dylan Roof mentioned the group in his manifesto It has never been clear how many members ...

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Chris Cantwell Better Known As The “Crying Neo-Nazi” Denied Bail

Chris Cantwell, better known as the “The Crying Neo-Nazi,” was denied bail following a warrant in Virginia Charlottesville Virginia issued a warrant for Cantwell after he pepper sprayed a person during a protest on August 11 Cantwell appeared in a VICE documentary where he claimed he wanted to be more capable of violence and justified the death of Heather Heyer ...

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Journalist Barrett Brown Arrested For “Failing To Abide By BOP Restrictions On Interviews”

Journalist Barrett Brown was arrested Thursday for “failing to abide by BOP restrictions on interviews” during a regular “check-in” Brown was arrested in 2012 for reporting on hacked emails showing security firms spying on activists on behalf of corporations The emails also showed HBGary Federal’s plans to collect information on political opponents of the US Chamber of Commerce and a ...

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