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Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Push Refer Madness Propaganda On Kansans Over THC Filled Vape Cartridges

Sheriff Jeff Easter on Thursday held a press conference over the discovery of an unknown number of THC cartridges for vape pensThe press conference pushed issues such as violent crimes related to marijuana and “marijuana-induced psychosis”Easter claims THC cartridges are new to Kansas but multiple sources tell The Daily Haze they have been available for a while On Thursday afternoon, Sedgwick ...

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Video Shows Chelsea Stoner Having Her 4-Year-Old Hit A Vape Pen

Video shows Wichita mother Chelsea Stoner having her 4-year-old child hit her vape pen In the ten second clip Stoner has the child hit the vape pen twice The video was uploaded to multiple Facebook accounts Wednesday evening Stoner later tried to defend her actions in a now deleted Facebook post A video grabbing social media users attention shows a ...

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New York State Is Banning Vaping In All Indoor Public Places

In thirty days vaping will be banned in all indoor public places in New York State The new restrictions are expected to have little effect on the vaping industry in New York 70% of municipalities in New York State already ban the use of electronic cigarettes everywhere cigarettes are already banned New York was one of the first states to ...

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