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Water Protectors Go To 8th Circuit Court of Appeals To Try And Overturn A Decision By North Dakota Federal Court Regarding Militarized Police

Water Protectors go to 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to try and overturn a decision by North Dakota federal court regarding militarized police The water Protector Legal Collective filed a class action lawsuit over militarized police actions against water protectors in North Dakota Militarized police used tear gas, bean bag rounds, and water cannons against unarmed water protectors in freezing ...

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Standing Rock woman Vanessa Dundon’s retina severed after law enforcement shot her in the face with a tear gas canister

Vanessa Dundon’s retina was severed in her right eye after law enforcement shot a tear gas canister at her face A witness claims that an officer pointed Dundon out before another officer fired the canister Dundon has been at Standing Rock since September 11 and has had no arrests or injuries up to this point Dundon is a first responder ...

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