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Marc Bennett Never Spoke To Justin Rapp After Andrew Finch Shooting

Sources say Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett never spoke to Officer Justin Rapp before he decided the shooting of Andrew Finch was justified Rapp fired one shot that killed Finch following a swatting call made by Tyler Barriss In April Bennett made a rushed and unexpected decision that the shooting was justified The Finch family was shocked to learn that ...

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Andrew Finch Was Not The First Swatting Linked To Casey Viner

A swatting call in Cincinnati Ohio was a former address of 18-year-old Casey Viner Casey Viner is one of three people charged federally for a swatting call in Wichita Kansas Officer Justin Rapp fatally shot Andrew Finch after responding to the swatting call in Wichita Viner asked Tyler Barriss to SWAT Shane Gaskill following an online dispute A swatting call ...

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Parkland Survivor David Hogg Becomes Victim Of Swatting Call

On Tuesday morning a swatting call was made to the residence of David Hogg Hogg is a survivor of the Parkland school shooting and avid gun control activist Law enforcement received a call of a man barricaded inside the Hogg residence A swatting call in Wichita Kansas turned fatal in December It is reported that a SWAT team was called ...

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Officer Justin Rapp Gives Conflicting Testimony In Finch Shooting

Wichita Police Officer Justin Rapp gave a conflicting testimony in court on Tuesday during Tyler Barriss’ preliminary hearing Rapp is confirmed as the officer responsible for shooting and killing Andrew Finch on December 28, 2017 In December Rapp claimed he saw a gun in Finch’s hand before making the fatal shot On Tuesday Rapp claimed he did not see a ...

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California Swatter Tyler Barriss Sends Four Tweets From Jail

California swatter Tyler Barriss managed to send out four tweets from the Sedgwick County Jail on Friday Barriss is charged with involuntary manslaughter after Wichita police responded to his swatting call and shot Andrew Finch A glitch in a software update to allowed 14 inmates to have Internet access for several hours on Friday In one of the tweets Barriss ...

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Wichita Activists Welcome NCAA With Andrew Finch Billboards

Four billboards around Wichita call for charges to be filed against the officer who shot and killed Andrew Finch on December 28 The four billboards were first spotted on Thursday afternoon around the city Wichita activists have called for the arrest of the officer responsible since the shooting occurred City officials refuse to comment on the alleged name of the ...

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