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Twitter Suspends Robin Williams Account Four Years After His Death

It appears that Twitter deleted the account of the late Robin Williams On Tuesday Twitter announced they would be suspending accounts through the @TwitterSafety account Williams daughter Zelda had to delete her Twitter following harassment after her father’s death Twitter users noticed the Williams account was suspended on Wednesday Following a recent increase in social media bans, Twitter users were ...

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CIA Directs Ominous Tweet At WikiLeaks And Whistleblowers

On Saturday, the CIA Twitter account appeared to threaten¬†WikiLeaks and whistleblowers in an ominous tweet The tweet said WikiLeaks should not be “certain” they are protecting the people who provide them with information Despite enjoying the DNC email leaks, Pompeo’s first speech as Director of CIA targeted WikiLeaks, along with found Julian Asange Earlier in the year, WikiLeaks was responsible ...

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