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Emergency Order Placed Against Burney Crenshaw For Teen Hate Crime

An emergency order of protection was granted for an 11-year transgender child in Achille Oklahoma Screenshots of a post in the Achille ISD Parent Group on Facebook showed disturbing threats towards the child known as Maddie Burney Crenshaw has been named as one of the ringleaders of the group Several people began making threats towards the child over the use ...

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Transgender students in Derby School District will no longer be allowed to use gender identity bathrooms

Derby School District votes to force transgender students to use the bathroom they identify with at birth In May of 2016 the Obama administration sent a letter of guidance to every public school district stating transgender students should be able to use the bathroom they identify with The Trump administration recently withdrew the letter of guidance Derby School District held ...

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Westboro Baptist Church protested Derby High School after electing a transgender student as Holly Ball King

Westboro Baptist Church protested a high school in Derby, Kansas after a transgender student was elected Holly Ball King Five members of the WBC were greeted by a large crowd of people in support of the student and the school Members of the Patriot Guard circled the area on their motorcycles drowning out the WBC’s songs The group was escorted ...

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