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North Korea Fires Second Ballistic Missile Over Japan In Under A Month

North Korea has fired a second ballistic missile over Hokkaido, Japan in under a month Pyongyang was said to have fired the missile from Sunan South Korea fired two Hyunmoo-II missiles six minutes after Pyongyang’s missile Friday’s missile comes just days after the UN Security Council boosted sanctions against Pyongyang On Friday, North Korea launched a second missile that traveled East ...

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North Korea’s 6th Nuclear Test Causes 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake

It is confirmed that North Korea has done a 6th nuclear test that caused a 6.3 artificial earthquake Sunday’s nuclear test came hours after Pyongyang released an image claiming to be a new hydrogen bomb being loaded on a intercontinental ballistic missile South Korea’s weather agency detected a 6.3 magnitude earthquake near Pyongyang’s Pyunggye-ri nuclear test site It is estimated that ...

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