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Arizona Wants To Charge $20 For Internet Porn To Pay For The Wall

Republican Rep. Gail Griffin introduced HB 2444 would require device distributors install software that would block them from accessing pornographyUsers would have to pay a one time fee of $20 to be allowed to access porn onlineMoney from unlocking devices would go to the John McCain Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Fund to fund the wall Between broken promises, endless ...

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The Dark Overlord Is Selling Nudes From London Bridge Plastic Surgery

The Dark Overlord is selling nudes stolen from a security breach against London Bridge Plastic Surgery The hacker group claims to have images of Katie Price, Frankie Essex, and Chloe Sims in specific An announcement was made through the groups steemit account created after being booted from Twitter London Bridge Plastic Surgery confirmed the hack occurred but it appears to have ...

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