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What Is The Reality Of Declaring Yourself As A Sovereign Citizen

Many who are enthralled by the idea of sovereign citizens do not realize the reality is much more grim than the selling points There is believed to be around 300,000 sovereign citizens in America but those numbers are not founded Most do not agree with the title of sovereign citizen and find it to be an oxymoron There is no ...

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What Was In Rep Sheila Jackson Lee’s Envelope To Christine Blasey Ford’s Attorney

An envelope passed from Texas Democratic Rep Sheila Jackson Lee to Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney has caught the eye of Internet conspiracy theorists The suspicious pass happened after Kavanaugh’s testimony and was caught on cameras that were still filming Some conspiracy theorists believe the envelope was a payoff from George Soros Lee’s office said the envelope contained notes from women ...

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Zina Bash Accused Of Making White Power Hand Sign

Zina Bash is accused of making a “White Power” hand signal during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation Bash is seen on video sitting behind Kavanaugh with her hand resting on her arm Many claim her resting hand is flashing a hand sign used by white supremacists Bash’s husband Texas U.S. Attorney General John Bash addressed the allegations through his official ...

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