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Vicky Cornell Claims Ativan May Have Been A Factor In Chris Cornell’s Suicide

Vicky Cornell claims Ativan may have factored into Chris Cornell’s suicide on Thursday Cornell was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor at the MGM Grand Detroit Vicky says that Cornell had taken Ativan on Wednesday night Ativan’s more serious side effects include suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self harm The world was shocked on Thursday when it was discovered that ...

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8-Year-Old Gabriel Taye Commits Suicide Days After Being Knocked Unconscious By School Bully

Video from Cason Elementary School shows 8-year-old Gabriel Taye knocked unconscious by a school bully Taye laid motionless for roughly seven-and-a-half minutes before he was found The family’s lawyer claims the school told Taye’s mother he had fainted Two days after the attack Taye hung himself from his bunk bed It is a story that is becoming all too common. ...

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Wuttisan Wongtalay murdered his 11-month-old daughter on Facebook LIVE then committed suicide in Thailand

Wuttisan Wongtalay used Facebook LIVE to broadcast the murder of his 11-month-old daughter before he committed suicide Wongtalay put two videos on his personal Facebook account showing the murder The two videos remained on Facebook for just over 24-hours Wongtalay committed suicide after he committed the murder It is reported that Wongtalay murdered the child out of fear his wife ...

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Maryland woman Colleen Ferreri becomes the most recent suicide on Facebook LIVE

Colleen Ferreri used Facebook LIVE to broadcast her suicide following negotiations with police The video is over ten minutes long as shows officers trying to convince Ferreri not to shoot herself Ferreri used an assault rifle to shoot herself after failed negotiations with police One of Ferreri’s two children were in the house when police arrived People have been “trolling” ...

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Did cyberbullying play a key role in a double suicide in Wichita, Kansas

A second suicide in Wichita follows days of what some are calling cyberbullying Almost a week ago 21-year-old Tanner Duncan committed suicide leaving behind his 25-year-old fiancee 24-year-old Aubrey Jones Duncan had one child with Jones, who had another child from a previous relationship After facing days of social media harassment related to Duncan’s death Jones committed suicide Screenshots from ...

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A look at #F57 #F58 and the Blue Whale Suicide Game

Blue Whale Suicide game said to be a trend in the Russian and the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Hashtags related to the game were reported to be searched 4,000 times on January 20 alone on Reports claim the new trend can be linked to a recent surge in both suicides and attempted suicides At least 130 teens ...

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