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Militarized Police & National Guard Raid Camp at Standing Rock, Arrest 40+

Heavily militarized police and National Guard troops advanced on a Standing Rock camp, arresting no less than 40 Scores of heavily militarized police and National Guard troops advanced on a camp at Standing Rock Wednesday evening, arresting at least 50 water protectors and stirring fears forceful evacuations of remaining camps. A press statement issued by the North Dakota Joint Information ...

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Morton County Sheriff’s Department requests federal assistance following President Trump’s Dakota Access executive order

Morton County Sheriff’s Department has requested “much-needed law enforcement support and public safety resources” Morton County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement claiming their requests were “ignored by the last administration” Standing Rock Sioux Tribe requested federal help in getting water protectors to leave the Cannon Ball area LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard refuses to remove the Sacred Stone Camp from her private ...

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Growing concerns that ROZOL poisoning could be the cause of “camp cough” at Standing Rock camps

ROZOL found to be illegally used on Cannonball Ranch and Wilder Ranch In April six bald eagles were found dead along with bison in the area The EPA found that ROZOL had been used illegally in the area to exterminate prairie dogs Chlorophacinone, more commonly known as ROZOL, is an anticoagulant rodenticide Many of the water protectors in Standing Rock have ...

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Morton County Sheriff’s Department is protecting armed DAPL mercenary Kyle Thompson

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department issued arrest warrants for the three people responsible for stopping armed DAPL security guard Kyle Thompson Kyle Thompson was stopped by three water protectors as he was speeding towards a small group of people armed with an AR-15 The warrant states that Brennan Nastacio, Michael Fasig, and Isreal Hernandez are wanted for alleged violent crimes ...

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Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane in the area of Standing Rock

Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane in the surrounding area of Dakota Access Pipeline Law enforcement has requested Ace Hardware to not sell any materials that could be used as an “incendiary device” Officers claim that protesters were using propane tanks as incendiary devices the night that Sophia Wilansky suffered a severe arm injury after being hit by a CS ...

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Dear white people at Standing Rock, this is not about you

Editor’s note: This is an editorial piece that does not necessarily reflect the views of The Daily Haze or any of our affiliates.  Over the past few months in Standing Rock, I have witnessed a gathering of people turn into a force that not even its creators can control. People continue to pile in from all around the country despite ...

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