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Apple Blocks Alex Jones Info Wars App From Apple Store

On Friday Apple made the decision to block the Alex Jones Info Wars app from the Apple Store The decision comes the day after Twitter removed Jones’ account Last month Jones found himself banned from a long list of social media sites The bans have already cut Jones’ audience in half at this time Things continue to get worse for ...

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Alex Jones Got Blocked By Twitter As His Viewership Continues To Drop

Alex Jones was banned from Twitter on Thursday following a publicity stunt on Wednesday on Capitol Hill In August Jones was banned from Facebook YouTube Apple and other social media giants On Wednesday Jones was seen harassing Senator Mark Rubio and CNN reporter Oliver Darcy Jones’ confrontation with Darcy was done live through Periscope which is owned by Twitter Twitter ...

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Apple Facebook And YouTube Shutdown Alex Jones

On Monday, Alex Jones was removed from Apple, Spotify, Facebook and YouTube Facebook removed four of Jones’ pages for violating community guidelines multiple times Apple was the first to remove Jones’ content on Monday YouTube removed Jones’ channel that held 2.4 million subscribers Jones is facing a defamation lawsuit from family members of Sandy Hook victims It has been a ...

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