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Video Shows Jasmine Eiland Raped In Opera Atlanta On Facebook LIVE

A Facebook LIVE video from Eiland caught the moment she claims to have been raped inside the Atlanta OperaEiland said she was not allowed to delete the videos due to an investigationIn another Facebook LIVE Eiland says they found her attacker In the middle of what appears to be a busy nightclub, Jasmine Eiland captured the horrifying moment she was raped on ...

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Boy Scouts Of America May File Bankruptcy Due To Child Sex Abuse Suits

In October, a damning list of “ineligible volunteer” files — appropriately informally named the “perversion files” — from the Boy Scouts of America were made public. The files consist of over 1,500 adult volunteers the organization tried to suppress from public scrutiny following claims of sexually assaulting children. As the Boy Scouts of America face a massive onslaught of lawsuits ...

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Teresa Sue Klein Apologizes After Watching Surveillance Footage

Teresa Sue Klein “Cornerstore Caroline” apologizes to child she accused of sexual assault after watching security footage Klein went viral earlier in the week after accusing a child of sexual assault outside a corner store Brooklyn Jason Stovetop Littlejohn posted the original video of Klein calling the police as the child cried After seeing the security footage Klein apologized to ...

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Teresa Sue Klein Identified As “Cornerstore Caroline”

Teresa Sue Klein has been identified as “Cornerstore Caroline” after calling the police on a child for sexual assault Klein claims the child grabbed her butt in a corner store in Flatbush Brooklyn The video has received almost 3 million views since being posted on Facebook After the video went viral Klein deleted her social media accounts Social media users ...

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Johnny Dewayne Harris Arrested For Vanessa Kinsey Attack

Johnny Dewayne Harris admitted to attacking Vanessa Kinsey on Wednesday morning at Platte River Trail in Littleton Colorado On Thursday Kinsey made a post to Facebook telling her story of the attack that quickly went viral Harris dragged Kinsey off the trail, strangled her, tied her up and sexually assaulted her Kinsey managed to escape while Harris was looking for ...

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Convicted Child Molester Indicted For Child Pornography In Philippines

Convicted child molester Jeffrey H Ernisse indicted for producing child pornography in the Philippines Ernisse is currently serving five years in jail for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl The 10-year-old girl is reported to be Ernisse’s former neighbor Ernisse was federally indicted for producing child pornography in the Philippines in 2015 A Sheboygan, Wisconsin man serving five years for sexually abusing ...

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Datsik Cancels Tour Following Accusations Of Sexual Assault

Dubstep DJ Datsik cancels tour and future festivals following accusations of sexual assault on social media The allegations began flooding Twitter after user @_princessjay tweeted comments from a Facebook status that had allegations Since early Thursday morning dozen of women have come forward alleging Datsik of sexual assault and rape Datsik announced on Facebook on Thursday he is cancelling the ...

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Jordan Chariton Doubles Down on PR Nightmare

Vox Veritas original homepage text

Now preparing a defamation suit amidst allegations of assault and professional misconduct from his Truth Against the Machine employees, Jordan Chariton’s PR nightmare may be far from over Chariton was accused of sexual misconduct by several former employees of Truth Against the Machine VoxVeritas appears to be the PR firm Chariton is using, but little is known about the company ...

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Joe Barton Apologizes For Leaked Dick Pic On Twitter

Texas Rep. Joe Barton R-Texas has a nude picture leaked on Twitter On Wednesday Barton issued an apology for his behavior and for letting his fellow constituents down Hours after his apology, The Washington Post reported that in 2015 Barton threatened to call Capitol police on a woman saying she was going to expose him Barton says the woman was angry ...

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