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Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Push Refer Madness Propaganda On Kansans Over THC Filled Vape Cartridges

Sheriff Jeff Easter on Thursday held a press conference over the discovery of an unknown number of THC cartridges for vape pensThe press conference pushed issues such as violent crimes related to marijuana and “marijuana-induced psychosis”Easter claims THC cartridges are new to Kansas but multiple sources tell The Daily Haze they have been available for a while On Thursday afternoon, Sedgwick ...

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Larry Dewayne Wood “Skullman” Found Guilty Of Rape

Larry Dewayne Wood, better known as “Skullman,” found guilty of the 2015 rape of his stepdaughter In 2015, Wood raped his 16-year-old stepdaughter Wood’s DNA was found at the hospital after the rape After a two day trial, a jury found Wood guilty of rape For Larry Dewayne “Skullman” Wood’s stepdaughter justice is finally being served. On Thursday, Wood was found ...

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Supporters Feel No Justice For Jhornee Bland After Her Babysitter Receives Probation

Supporters feel no justice for 2-year-old Jhornee Bland after her babysitter receives probation Jhornee was reported missing on May 8, 2016 by her mother Jackquailine Hardin Police were later told the location of the body by Jhornee’s babysitter 26-year-old Tyerria Miles An autopsy stated the cause of death to be undetermined On Wednesday Miles was sentenced to 18-months probation On ...

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Admitted Child Molester Brandon Lloyd Accepts Sedgwick County DA Marc Bennett’s Plea Agreement Offering Probation

Admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd accepted Sedgwick County, Kansas DA Marc Bennett’s plea bargain Brandon Michael Lloyd was charged with several child sex crimes on October 12, 2016 Under the terms of the plea agreement Lloyd will be placed on probation with time served Lloyd will also be allowed to move to Ohio where he would serve his probation Last ...

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Sedgwick County Kansas Sentences Dying Woman To Jail Forcing Her To Miss Chemotherapy While Offering A Child Molester Probation

Sedgwick County Kansas sentenced 53-year-old Angela Kastner to jail forcing her to miss her chemotherapy while offering self-admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd probation Kastner got in an accident due to dehydration from her chemotherapy treatment Very trace amounts of prescribed Marinol was found in Kastner’s system Sedgwick County charged Kastner with a DUI and sentenced her to two days in ...

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