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Facebook Users Are Asking Who Is Zavala Maggy Marilyn

The Facebook profile of Zavala Maggy Marilyn, a woman in Mexico who appears to have a heavy methamphetamine addiction, has captivated Facebook users Marilyn has posted countless pictures where she appears to be smoking meth A 2014 article alleges Marilyn has schizophrenia and gave away her unregistered 2-month-old baby Rumors have spread that Marilyn is a human trafficking victim and ...

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How David Wu Got Sex Worker Premium Snapchats Reported To The IRS

David Wu has the social media users claiming they are reporting Snapchat premium “sex-workers” to the IRS Wu made a Facebook post that has been shared over 17,000 times telling people how to report sex workers to the IRS Social media users are taking sides to either defend sex workers or report them The hashtag #ThotAudit has been created and ...

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Does Nike Make Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again Hats

An image going around social media claims Nike is responsible for President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again hats The image comes during backlash towards Nike for hiring Colin Kaepernick for their latest ad campaign The image of the hat has appeared online several times over the last year with a made in Mexico tag and made in China tag ...

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Twitter Suspends Robin Williams Account Four Years After His Death

It appears that Twitter deleted the account of the late Robin Williams On Tuesday Twitter announced they would be suspending accounts through the @TwitterSafety account Williams daughter Zelda had to delete her Twitter following harassment after her father’s death Twitter users noticed the Williams account was suspended on Wednesday Following a recent increase in social media bans, Twitter users were ...

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Latest Kansas Mountain Lion Sighting Picture Found To Be A Hoax

Latest image of a mountain lion in Kansas proved to be a hoax Deb Southerland posted a picture to her Facebook of a mountain lion laying in a corn field supposedly just north of Washington, Kansas The video has been used in several mountain lion sighting hoaxes in the last two years The picture was originally taken in an Estrela neighborhood ...

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(NSFW) The Bizarre Social Media Trend Of “Cumshot Selfies”

Taking a look at the bizarre social media trend of “cumshot selfies” Cumshot selfies began trending on social media on after a post from the Patan, El Perro which has just under 1 million followers A subreddit created in 2015 titled “/r/CumshotSelfies” is in the top 3,000 subreddits out of 1,107,104 The pictures are all either photoshopped or of adult video stars ...

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