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Former Virginia Governor’s Grandson Receives Probation For Rape

Former Virginia Governor John Dalton’s grandson received five years probation for a rape that occurred in January 2017 Stephen Dalton Baril accepted an Alford plea that acknowledges sufficient evidence to receive a conviction but does not admit guilt Baril’s charges of felony rape and felony sodomy were reduced to misdemeanor sexual battery and unlawful wounding Baril’s Republican grandfather served as ...

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Johnny Dewayne Harris Arrested For Vanessa Kinsey Attack

Johnny Dewayne Harris admitted to attacking Vanessa Kinsey on Wednesday morning at Platte River Trail in Littleton Colorado On Thursday Kinsey made a post to Facebook telling her story of the attack that quickly went viral Harris dragged Kinsey off the trail, strangled her, tied her up and sexually assaulted her Kinsey managed to escape while Harris was looking for ...

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Joann Mae Spotted Bear Attacks Son’s 15-Year-Old Rape Victim

Standing Rock protester Joann Mae Spotted Bear has been attacking her son’s 15-year-old rape victim on social media Jered Spottedbear was arrested on July 7 for having non-consensual vaginal sex with a 15-year-old girl he met on Tinder He is charged with sexual assault and lewdness with a child 14 or 15 years of age Spotted Bear along with her followers ...

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Self-Admitted Racist And Pedophile Nathan Larson Is Running For Congress

Nathan Larson a self-admitted racist and pedophile is running for Congress in Charlottesville Virginia Larson is running for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District Online and in his manifesto Larson admits to be a racist and a pedophile Larson did 14 months in federal prison for threatening to kill the president Self-acclaimed white supremacist, rape enthusiast, pedophile, and incest advocate Nathan Larson is ...

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Datsik Cancels Tour Following Accusations Of Sexual Assault

Dubstep DJ Datsik cancels tour and future festivals following accusations of sexual assault on social media The allegations began flooding Twitter after user @_princessjay tweeted comments from a Facebook status that had allegations Since early Thursday morning dozen of women have come forward alleging Datsik of sexual assault and rape Datsik announced on Facebook on Thursday he is cancelling the ...

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Larry Dewayne Wood “Skullman” Found Guilty Of Rape

Larry Dewayne Wood, better known as “Skullman,” found guilty of the 2015 rape of his stepdaughter In 2015, Wood raped his 16-year-old stepdaughter Wood’s DNA was found at the hospital after the rape After a two day trial, a jury found Wood guilty of rape For Larry Dewayne “Skullman” Wood’s stepdaughter justice is finally being served. On Thursday, Wood was found ...

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