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Baltimore teacher tells students they “are going to be a bunch of broke ass niggers who get shot”

The Baltimore teacher has been fired following her racially charged tirade A student recorded the incident on his cellphone The student’s mother Erica Esha Deminds uploaded the viral video to her Facebook Baltimore City Schools stated that the teacher was fired A teacher in Baltimore has been fired after she yelled a racially charged statement at her disruptive class of African-American students. ...

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Mayor Beverly Whaling and County Director Pamela Taylor make racial slurs towards Michelle Obama

Clay County, West Virginia officials under fire after calling Michelle Obama an “ape” on social media The viral post was made Pamela Ramsey Taylor Mayor Beverly Whaling than supported the racially charged status in the comments The viral post has resulted in both women receiving threats and people demanding they are fired It is amazing how many people still have yet ...

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