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Dover High School Students Sing ‘Let’s Kill All The Blacks’ For Assignment

Dover High School students caught on camera singing racist Ku Klux Klan remake of Jingle Bells for a history assignment Two 11-graders chose to do a history assignment to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’ but replaced to words to “kill all the blacks” The students were secretly recorded singing Teacher John Carver allowed the students to finish singing their assignment ...

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Cynthia Girtley Claims Gretna Halloween Decoration To Be Racist

Cynthia Girtley has posted to her Facebook about a Halloween decoration in Gretna Louisiana she believes to have a racist meaning The Halloween display is in front of a bail bonds business In the picture several infamous Halloween characters can be seen along with a recreation of a man hanging Girtley claims the hanging man has nothing to do with ...

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