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Did Mother Nature protest the Trump Inauguration before it happened?

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trump inauguration

For a large group of Americans this weekend, nothing was more riveting than The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and all the pageantry that surrounded it. The Daily Haze was in Washington D.C. for the week and can testify that the event was indeed (as Donald would say), “YUGE!”. However, while Washington D.C. prepared for…

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Westboro Baptist Church protested Derby High School after electing a transgender student as Holly Ball King

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Westboro Baptist Church protested a high school in Derby, Kansas after a transgender student was elected Holly Ball King Five members of the WBC were greeted by a large crowd of people in support of the student and the school Members of the Patriot Guard circled the area on their motorcycles drowning out the WBC’s…

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Police say shooting in downtown Seattle was not connected to anti-Trump protest

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Police say shooting near anti-Trump protest stemmed from a personal argument Five people were said to have been wounded, with one person in critical condition The shooter was said to have fled the scene on foot Assistant chief of the Seattle Police Department Robert Merner stated that the shooting was not linked to the anti-Trump…

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Law enforcement allow limited items to be retrieved from frontline camp

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Personal possessions, tipis, vehicles and sacred items were left behind following Thursday’s arrests in North Dakota Law enforcement made an agreement allowing 9 people and 3 vehicles to enter the frontline camp area to retrieve tipis No personal possessions, or vehicles are allowed to be retrieved from the area Part of the agreement was that media…

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Dakota Access security guard dresses as protester armed with an AR-15

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A Dakota Access security guard armed with an AR-15 was removed by BIA during Thursday’s conflict The man was said to almost hit several people as he sped towards the Oceti Sakowin camp A Dakota Access security badge was found in the man’s truck Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said the man most likely had the…

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Tear gas fills the streets of Charlotte after police shoot Keith Lamont Scott.

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Police shooting of 43-year-old disabled Keith Lamont Scott sparks protests in Charlotte. Scott was shot while officers were trying to serve a warrant on another individual. Police claim Scott had a gun, which his family denies. Officer Brentley Vinson has been named as the officer responsible and is now on paid administrative leave. Protesters took…

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Pipes Out For Harambe

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For anyone wondering why I took a break from Mark Zuckerberg’s facial recognition and association tracking database, the answer is simple. I think you are doing it wrong. That is the public opinion, at least. I have no confidence in the friend bomb, as, for the most part, it bombed. Since this was written nearly…

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22 arrested in No DAPL lockdown in North Dakota.

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22 people have been arrested after halting construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Two men locked themselves to construction equipment to stop construction of the DAPL. Among those arrested were medics and journalists. Livestream of the arrests were blocked from Facebook. On Tuesday, 22 protesters were arrested during a “No DAPL” lockdown. It is reported…

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49ers fans burn Colin Kaepernick jerseys amid National Anthem protest.

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Colin Kaepernick is protesting the National Anthem. 49ers fans have begun burning Kaepernick jerseys on social media. Kaepernick also has gained a lot of support from his protest. Kaepernick has no plans of ending his protest. Over the weekend a debate has torn across the Web over the decision for a 49ers quarterback to sit…

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The Dakota Access Pipeline is the protest that needs attention but is getting none.

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The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe continues to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. The $3.78 billion pipeline is being built by Dakota Access, LLC, a unit of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners. The pipeline that can push up to 570,000 gallons of crude oil per day. The Iowa Utilities Board granted eminent domain to Energy Transfer Partners.…

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