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Pediatricians Speak Out On Trump’s Claim That Tear Gas Is “Very Safe”

The  American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement after President Donald Trump claimed tear gas is “very safe” In Biloxi on Tuesday Trump also claimed “grabbers” were using children as human shields Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen also claimed children were used as human shields on Monday The AAP said the use of tear gas against children in diapers “threatens ...

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Catland Books Is Hosting Witches To Cast A Hex On Brett Kavanaugh

Catland Books is hosting a ritual to hex Brett Kavanaugh on October 20 Catland Books has hosted three hexes against President Donald Trump in the last year  Organizer Dakota Bracciale said the $10:00 tickets for the event have already sold out According to the Facebook event page 50% of all profits will be going to charity Following Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation ...

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Does Nike Make Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again Hats

An image going around social media claims Nike is responsible for President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again hats The image comes during backlash towards Nike for hiring Colin Kaepernick for their latest ad campaign The image of the hat has appeared online several times over the last year with a made in Mexico tag and made in China tag ...

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Did President Donald Trump Say You Need An ID To Buy Groceries

On Tuesday President Donald Trump claimed that you need an ID to buy groceries in regards to stricter voter laws Trump was speaking at a rally in Tampa for gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis The comment has many wondering if this statement shows how disconnected Trump is from normal American life Recently Kris Kobach’s strict voter ID law was determined to ...

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