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German Man Suspected Of Killing Up To 21 Coworkers With Poison

A man in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock is suspected of up to 21 deaths after being arrested for trying to poison a co-worker The co-worker noticed a powdery substance smeared on his sandwich at lunch Security cameras caught the suspect putting a substance on the sandwich The substance was tested and found to be lead acetate Police are now investigating the deaths ...

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Growing concerns that ROZOL poisoning could be the cause of “camp cough” at Standing Rock camps

ROZOL found to be illegally used on Cannonball Ranch and Wilder Ranch In April six bald eagles were found dead along with bison in the area The EPA found that ROZOL had been used illegally in the area to exterminate prairie dogs Chlorophacinone, more commonly known as ROZOL, is anĀ anticoagulant rodenticide Many of the water protectors in Standing Rock have ...

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