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Boston Judge Rules Thirteen Pipeline Protesters Not Responsible

West Roxbury District Court ruled 13 pipeline protesters not responsible for demonstrations against a natural gas pipeline The demonstrations occurred in 2015 when protesters halted construction of a natural gas pipeline in the Boston suburb of West Roxbury Over 198 protesters were reportedly arrested during the 2015 demonstrations Judge Mary Ann Driscoll made the decision that the 13 defendants were ...

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Makwa Initiative: How You Can Help The Line 3 Frontline Resistance

The Makwa Initiative has become the frontline resistance camp against Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Program Enbridge plans to replace the Line 3 Pipeline and abandon the current pipe where it lays The Makwa Camp was formed in August as a sign of resistance against the Line 3 project Two member’s of the camp were arrested on Wednesday during a lockdown ...

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Colorado introduces two bills that would basically make oil and gas companies untouchable just before Jordan Cove approval

Republicans introduced two bills that would protect oil and gas companies just before a $7.3 billion gas project received its pre-filling application Senate Bill 17-035 looks to move tampering with oil and gas equipment from a Class 2 misdemeanor to a Class 6 felony House Bill 17-1124 would strip away local government’s ability to prohibit hydraulic fracking by forcing Colorado ...

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To DAPL Facts: Fuck You and Your Foreign-Owned Bullshit Pipeline


To the profit-motivated, self-interested Dakota Access Pipeline-affiliated disinformation website, DAPL Facts: Manipulating an article from The Daily Haze to reflect a narrative fitting to your own agenda cannot be allowed to pass unanswered. On February 4, we published an interview-based piece in which Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II made apparent his loyalties lean more toward appeasing pipeline ...

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Did Morton County Sheriff’s Department remove their Facebook page amidst claims of human rights violations

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page appears to have been deleted  There is no confirmation that Anonymous has anything to do with the missing page Rumor has spread that Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier was suspended and that is why the account was deleted The Morton County Sheriff’s Department was heavily ridiculed on their Facebook page before its deletion The Morton ...

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Active construction of Dakota Access continues to be stopped by peaceful demonstrations.

Cannon Ball, North Dakota (via – The Indigenous Environmental Network) – On Monday, North Dakota news outlet WDAY-TV published a report on a #NoDAPL action in North Dakota that occurred the day prior. The report alleges a private security guard was “assaulted” and “carried by” protesters at a Dakota Access construction site. There is no proof of the incident – the hundreds of photos ...

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Sacred Burial Ground in North Dakota sold to Dakota Access.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe announce sacred burial ground sold to Dakota Access. The announcement comes after thousands came nto North Dakota to stand against Dakota Access. Paperwork was finalized yesterday and money has already been transferred for the sale of the land. Dakota Access is now pulling similar tactics in Texas that they used in North Dakota. An area of ...

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