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Kevin Winterman Arrested For Propositioning Children For Sex Online

32-year-old Kevin Winterman was arrested in Ohio after propositioning children for sex online Winterman was communicating with an undercover officer posing as a 12-year-old girl In 2014 Winterman was arrested for a similar crime in Kentucky A day before his arrest TDH did a story on Winterman contacting a woman’s 12-year-old daughter On Wednesday, The Daily Haze released an article ...

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Ohio Mother Catches 32-year-old Messaging Her 12-Year-old Daughter

Sarah Dekelaita was shocked to learn 32-year-old Kevin Winterman had been messaging her 12-year-old daughter on Instagram Dekelaita’s daughter came to her after Winterman began messaging her After being alerted to the messages Dekelaita began messaging Winterman from her daughter’s account Winterman has a long criminal history and countless social media accounts UPDATE: On Thursday Kevin Winterman was arrested after ...

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