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Norwegian Facebook Group “Fedrelandet viktigst” Trolled With Pic Of Empty Bus Seats

An Norwegian anti-immigration Facebook group recently got trolled with a picture of empty bus seats they believed were women in burqas Johan Slåttavik posted the picture in the group as a practical joke The prank came as Norway has faced and influx of Muslim immigrants and are pushing for restrictions against burqas Slåttavik’s post question the difference between “legitimate immigration ...

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Woman claims Trump supporter pulled her Hijab off her head at a Walmart

Woman claims her Hijab was pulled off her head at a Walmart Mahu Abdul Gawad claimed the strange woman pulled the Hijab off her head then told her she should hang herself with it Gawad’s post went viral and has been shared over a thousand times Anti-Trump protests continue around the country During the Presidential Election, many were scared by ...

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