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Store owner Kamal Awwad who was shot on Christmas Eve was facing an indictment

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Police responded to a robbery alarm and shots fired where they found 42-year-old Kamal Awwad Awwad was the owner of Al’s Market in Toledo Police have no suspects at this time Awwad was indicted last year with 25 members of his family for conspiracy   In Toledo, Ohio, on Christmas Eve 42-year-old Kamal Awwad, owner…

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A 7-day-old infant still missing in Wichita, Kansas after the mother was found murdered

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Update: Baby Sofia has been found and is safe in Dallas, Texas. At roughly 4:30 am, police executed a search warrant at a residence in Dallas. Sofia Gonzales was found inside the residence and taken into police custody. Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsey said two suspects that knew Sofia’s mother were taken into custody for…

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Kansas released convicted murderer Hassan Wright 3-years before he killed again

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Hassan Wright arrested in the stabbing of two young girls and a woman in her 20s Wright was released on parole for a murder charge in 2014 Records show a long history of violence from Wright Wright was released on parole on 2005, but was soon after arrested for a sexually motivated aggravated battery Around…

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Codey Levi Jolley offered a plea for the murder of 1-year-old Ethan Antes.

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Codey Levi Jolley offered a plea for the murder of 1 year old Ethan Antes

A petition has been started to ensure child killer Codey Jolley does not get a plea bargain. Codey Levi Jolley called 911 in April claiming that his 1-year-old stepson Ethan had drown in the bathtub. Three weeks before Ethan’s death, Jolley claimed the child had spilled scalding coffee on his head and upper body. Ethan’s…

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Family of the Echo Park boy found dead in a closet was reported to DCFS.

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Family of the Echo Park boy found dead in a closet was reported to DCFS

The family of the Echo Park boy found dead in a closet was reported to DCFS six times prior to the boys death. When police arrived at the home on Monday, they said the boy appeared to have been dead for hours. Two teachers reported the 11-year-old boy to DCFS in 2012 for general neglect…

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Girl injected with meth, raped, strangled, stabbed, dismembered, then set on fire by her own mother and 2 others on 10th birthday!

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Child was injected with methamphetamine, raped, strangled, stabbed and dismembered by her own mother, the mother’s boyfriend and his cousin, on little girl’s 10th birthday. All 3 have been chared with multiple felony counts, including 1st degree murder Dismembered body was wrapped in blanket and set on fire Gov. Martinez, “this is unspeakable and justice should come down like a…

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