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Nationwide Legal Team Steps In To Help Raymond And Amelia Schwab With Their Fight Against The Kansas DCF

Nationwide legal team steps in to help Raymond and Amelia Schwab with their fight against the Kansas DCF The Schwabs had five children removed from them by the Kansas DCF over two years ago A team of lawyers from around the country have assembled to assist the Schwab’s in their legal battle A press conference is scheduled for Monday in ...

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Veteran Kristoffer Lewandowski Will Not Face Jail Time After Reaching Plea Agreement

Veteran Kristoffer Lewandowski will face no jail time after reaching a plea agreement with the Comanche County District Attorney’s office Lewandowski is a three tour Veteran with the United States Marine Corp Lewandowski turned to cannabis in order to treat his PTSD and ween off of prescription medications After being caught with six cannabis plants Lewandowski faced the possibility of ...

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