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VOP Alpha Co Team Pulaski Claim They Found A Child Sex Camp

A group that locates homeless veterans believes they have discovered a child sex camp in Tuscon Arizona The camp was found on May 29 while the group was searching for homeless veterans in the area Police have stated there was no evidence of human trafficking but members of Veterans on Patrol disagree The Facebook page VOP Alpha Co – Team ...

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More Than 100 Dead After 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Mexico City

More than 100 reported dead after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake tore through the Central Mexico area It is reported that at least 116 are confirmed dead following the massive quake The earthquakes depth was reported to be 33 miles making it a more dangerous shallow quake The earthquake occurred on the anniversary of an 8.2 earthquake that killed at 9,500 ...

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President Trump’s Border Wall Threatens National Butterfly Center And The Rio Grande Valley

President Donald Trump’s “impenetrable” border wall threatens the National Butterfly Center and the Rio Grande Valley Director of the National Butterfly Center Marianna Treviño-Wright says she found workers clearing and cutting down trees on July 20 Concerns grow that the wall will disturb already-imperil animal migration at the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge Mayor of Mission, Texas Mayor Norberto “Beto” Salinas claims the wall ...

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