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Amanda Gill May Have Been An Organ Harvesting Victim In Mexico

41-year-old Amanda Gill appears to have been a victim of organ harvesting after her death at the Hospital De Cos in Mexico City Amanda is believed to have went to Hospital De Cos last December for ketoacidosis In less than 12 hours after checking into the hospital Gill was dead Once her body arrived back in the UK it was discovered ...

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Reports Claim Refugees Approved 19 Buses To The US Border

On Thursday evening word spread that the United Nations approved 19 buses to take the refugee caravans to the United States on Friday The announcement was made as the refugees took shelter in a sports complex in Mexico City Of the 4,841 registered migrants 1,726 are reported to be under 18 and 310 under five Organizers told U.N. representatives that ignoring ...

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More Than 100 Dead After 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Mexico City

More than 100 reported dead after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake tore through the Central Mexico area It is reported that at least 116 are confirmed dead following the massive quake The earthquakes depth was reported to be 33 miles making it a more dangerous shallow quake The earthquake occurred on the anniversary of an 8.2 earthquake that killed at 9,500 ...

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