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Prosecutors Release Parkland Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz Interrogation

On Wednesday the State Attorney’s Office released video clips of Parkland Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz’s interrogation Earlier in the week a redacted transcript was released of the interrogation Cruz’s public defender requested the interrogation video be sealed as it may sway a jury The judge refused the request and the State Attorney’s Office released the video on Wednesday Cruz is ...

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Riots Breakout At Understaffed El Dorado Correctional Facility

Riots breakout at understaffed El Dorado Correctional Facility An inside source has informed TDH that prisoners have taken over the East Yard and the Gym The disturbance follows the decision to move all 150 maximum security mental health inmates Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility to El Dorado El Dorado is already 300 prisoners past capacity before the decision to take ...

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