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How To Make “Fleshlight” Video Tutorials Are A Real Thing

How to make a fleshlight tutorial videos are a thing on YouTube and some of them are pretty cringeworthy Fleshlights are a sex toy commonly used by males for masturbation Google trends show the word fleshlight has held a steady search history since 2009 Fleshlight tutorial videos have received millions of views across YouTube YouTube has become a helpful place ...

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Fayzal Mahamed Argues For The Right To Masturbate For His Disabled Son

Fayzal Mahamed believes he should be allowed to masturbate for his disabled son Mustafa Mustafa was born with profound cerebral palsy and profound intellectual disability At the age of 17 Mahamed noticed his son entering his “sexual awakening” Mahamed claims that what he is doing is medical treatment not sexual abuse There is no shortage of disturbing stories on the ...

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