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Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Push Refer Madness Propaganda On Kansans Over THC Filled Vape Cartridges

Sheriff Jeff Easter on Thursday held a press conference over the discovery of an unknown number of THC cartridges for vape pensThe press conference pushed issues such as violent crimes related to marijuana and “marijuana-induced psychosis”Easter claims THC cartridges are new to Kansas but multiple sources tell The Daily Haze they have been available for a while On Thursday afternoon, Sedgwick ...

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Kansas Takes A Step Backwards In Battle Against Cannabis Prohibition

On Friday the Kansas Supreme Court ruled the smell of cannabis is enough probable cause to enter a residence without a warrant The Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on a 2013 case in Lawrence Officers claimed to smell the odor of cannabis from 30 feet away in Lawrence Hubbard’s apartment  Police found 25 grams of cannabis in Hubbard’s closet after entering his ...

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Oklahoma Restricts Selling Smokable Cannabis In Dispensaries

Oklahoma Department of Health decides to ban the sale of smokable cannabis in emergency rules State Question 788 to pass medical cannabis passed last month DOH was warned the decision to ban the sale of smokable product would be challenged in court Smoking cannabis is not prohibited under the emergency rules Following last month’s passing vote of State Question 788 ...

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Winfield Police Officer Sean Skov Fired After Viral Video

Winfield Police Department say Officer Sean Skov is no longer on the force following negative response from viral video On May 13 Rudy Samuel was stopped by Skov Samuel recorded the interaction to Facebook LIVE Skov removed Samuel from his vehicle after finding “vegetation” on his car door In Kansas, the Winfield Police Department has stated that an officer in ...

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22 People Arrested And 17 Lbs Of Cannabis Seized At XO Lounge DC

A police raid at the XO Lounge DC—located on the 1400 block of L Street NW, near the location of the former Washington Post building—led to 22 arrests and 17 pounds of cannabis seized on Saturday at approximately 7:00 pm. The raid was carried out by DC Police along with members of the city’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration. Saturday’s raid ...

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Did Attorney General Jeff Sessions Just Ruin Legal Cannabis For Everybody

On Thursday Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era memorandums that protect the cannabis community in cannabis-friendly states Federal prosecutors across the country will be able to decide how they enforce federal cannabis laws in cannabis friendly states This week California became the eighth recreation state along with 29 states that support some form of medical cannabis Sessions is already catching ...

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