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Six Journalists Face Up to 10 Years in Prison — For Doing Their Jobs

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Six journalists face potential 10-year sentences and $25,000 fines for reporting on inauguration protests Over 230 people were indiscriminately arrested after incidents of property destruction Journalists identified themselves, but police refused to acknowledge their credentials Charges of felony rioting are now being challenged in several lawsuits Six journalists and at least one legal observer were…

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4Chan claims to have trolled the CIA and MSM about Donald Trump “Golden Showers”

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Buzzfeed released a 35-page dossier that claims Donald Trump rented Russian prostitutes for a “Golden Showers” show 4Chan users are claiming that the golden shower story came from one of their users The documents have said to be unverified and possibly unverifiable The dossier has several errors in it It is one of the most…

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CNN cuts “peaceful” interview with Sylville Smith’s sister.

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Sister of Sylville Smith called for protesters to burn suburbs. CNN ran an interview with Sherelle Smith claiming she was calling for peace. Video later surfaced showing the moments after CNN cut, Smith told protesters to burn the suburbs. Protests in Milwaukee this weekend were very racially charged. Multiple reporters have been pulled out of…

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