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Nashville.gov Makes Kratom Bust And Forgets The Definition Of The Word Synthetic In Their Excitement

In a press release on Nashville.gov officials showed their lack of knowledge on the plant Kratom and the definition of the word synthetic Law enforcement in Nashville conducted a one month investigation into 26-year-old Christopher R Miller selling Kratom Miller goes to court on June 12 and is held on $22,500 bond In a press release to Nashville.gov officials described ...

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Patents on kratom alkaloids prove the federal government is lying to us.

Pharmaceutical company Smith Kline & French Laboratories obtained a patent for a main alkaloid in kratom in 1964. Patent 3,324,111 is for the alkaloid in kratom known as Speciofoline. A 2010 patent application claims kratom can be used to treat opioid addiction. Americans are using 80% of the worlds total opioid supply. The federal government is in the middle of ...

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DEA claims kratom to be an “imminent hazard to public safety.”

The DEA wants to temporarily place kratom in the Schedule I drug category. The DEA has claimed kratom to be a “imminent hazard to public safety.” 660 calls were made to the poison control center over 5-years in regards to kratom exposure. According to the CDC there were over 28,000 overdoses from prescription opioids in 2014. The DEA is attempting ...

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