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Ohio Mother Catches 32-year-old Messaging Her 12-Year-old Daughter

Sarah Dekelaita was shocked to learn 32-year-old Kevin Winterman had been messaging her 12-year-old daughter on Instagram Dekelaita’s daughter came to her after Winterman began messaging her After being alerted to the messages Dekelaita began messaging Winterman from her daughter’s account Winterman has a long criminal history and countless social media accounts UPDATE: On Thursday Kevin Winterman was arrested after ...

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Amiri King Offers Shoutouts For Attornies To Fight CPS

Amiri King announced  the beginning of a campaign for reform within Child Protective Services all around the country In a Facebook LIVE video King said he plans on putting his vast resources towards CPS reform King offered free advertising to his audience of over 3.5 million for any attorney willing to help a family fighting CPS Recently CPS targeted King ...

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Kentucky residents Suzanna and Marsha Gray arrested after video showing abuse of an autistic girl goes viral.

A disturbing video from Sturgis, Kentucky has gone viral and gained the attention of local law enforcement. The video shows an autistic girl being tortured in the foster home she was placed in by the state. Devon Brooks Hays uploaded the video to her personal Facebook page just 23-hours ago. The video has already been viewed over 300,000 times. It ...

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