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Mayoral Candidate Kevin Saunders’ Racist Rant Against Black Comedian

Marina California mayoral candidate Kevin Saunders displayed racist behavior towards black comedian Ngaio Bealum On Tuesday Bealum posted a screenshot of a message from Saunders calling him a nigger and threatening him In 2016 Saunders wrote an anti-Semitic rant against a reporter from Monterey County Weekly In 2014 Saunders was banned from Starbucks stores worldwide for life Saunders has a history ...

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New Black Panther Party Claim KKK Is Responsible For Decapitation In Jackson Mississippi

The New Black Panther Party Claim the Ku Klux Klan is responsible for decapitation in Jackson, Mississippi Jackson police found an African-American’s decapitated head on Saturday morning Later in the afternoon police found a badly burned body with no head At this time there is nothing showing that the KKK were responsible for the murder A young African-American man’s head ...

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