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Police Try To Recover Body Of John Allen Chau From The Sentinelese

Police are having a hard time trying to recover the body of American missionary John Allen Chau after he was killed by the Sentinelese Chau was murdered by the hostile tribe after breaking Indian law in an attempt teach the tribe Christianity Law prohibits anybody from going to North Sentinel Island in an attempt to protect the Sentinelese from the ...

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Madhya Pradesh India Passes Bill To Sentence Pedophiles To Death

Madhya Pradesh, India passed a bill that allows the death sentence for those found guilty of raping a girl under 12 years of age The Madhya Pradesh Assembly unanimously passed the bill The bill was sent to┬áPresident Ram Nath Kovind for final approval Madhya Pradesh hold the title of the “rape capital” of India Madhya Pradesh, India has responded to ...

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