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The Bizarre Love Story Of Wesley Walls And Kelly Lynne Wetzel

The Internet is captivated with the bizarre love affair between Wesley Walls and Kelly Lynne Wetzel Posts between the couple are being shared after Facebook users discovered what was going on in the comment sections Walls’ mother Annmarie Flitcraft claims the two are first cousins People from around the world have been commenting #ForgiveWesley on Flitcraft’s Facebook A picture of the ...

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Self-Admitted Racist And Pedophile Nathan Larson Is Running For Congress

Nathan Larson a self-admitted racist and pedophile is running for Congress in Charlottesville Virginia Larson is running for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District Online and in his manifesto Larson admits to be a racist and a pedophile Larson did 14 months in federal prison for threatening to kill the president Self-acclaimed white supremacist, rape enthusiast, pedophile, and incest advocate Nathan Larson is ...

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